Seventeen Tips to Improve American Football – Tip #1

Tip #1 – Delay when your kids play tackle football.  There are so many skills required to be a good football player and have fun, from basic skills like catching and throwing a football to more advanced skills and techniques like pursuit angles and leverage.  It’s often difficult for these skills and techniques to be taught and learned in standard tackle football with 11 versus 11 player formats.  Touch football at the playground or organized flag football is typically played with fewer numbers and therefore learning and mastering these skills and techniques is much easier.  So in addition to preventing unnecessarily head injuries when our kids’ brains are still developing and therefore more vulnerable to concussions, by playing touch and flag football until middle school they will master these skills easier and become better football players.  There will be plenty of time for tackling later.  For now leave the helmet at home!

This is the first of seventeen tips, one for each regular season NFL game week.  (Yes, apologies I’m a little behind…)  These tips are aimed at improving the sport and culture of American football.   Expanded solutions and ideas on improving the game of football, making it safer and more fun for our kids to play can be found in my new book, Tackling DummiesPlaying Amateur Football Smarter.  For more information please browse my website

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