Seventeen Tips to Improve American Football – Tips #4 and #5

Tip #4 – Don’t underestimate the Approach when teaching proper tackling.

Currently, much of form tackling teaching is spent on the contact point and finish elements of the tackle.  However, many missed and poor tackles are the result of an incorrect approach.  If a player cannot arrive to the ball carrier or point of contact correctly, it is very difficult to make an effective, proper, or safe tackle, regardless of form.  Properly tracking the ball carrier, maintaining leverage, and preventing the ball from crossing your face are essential skills required for an effective approach.  We spend a lot of time drilling and practicing our approach in our Run and Buzz Drill.  For live video of this drill and others check them out Here in Part I of Tackling Dummies Smarter.

Tip #5 – Rugby players are good tacklers, let’s do what they do and use the shoulder!

In a typical rugby match there are more than twice as many tackles made as compared to an American football game, and rugby players do not use hard helmets and most don’t use any head protection!  How do they do it?  For starters they don’t use their head.  They also have mastered the art of shoulder tackling which is in my opinion more effective than some of of the current form tackling theory still taught in American football.  For more information, check out our book, Tackling Dummies, Playing Amateur Football Smarter and visit our website and blog 

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